Episode 819 (10/19)-The gang organizes a music cruise through the Local Motion to benefit two local charities. The cruise goes off without a hitch, and the charities (including Big Brothers/Big Sisters, which Matt is actively involved in) benefit greatly.
But everything is not so great back at the house, where Amaya is getting pissed with Ruthie and everything she does. Amaya claims Ruthie has become so fake since she returned from rehab. I think someone's just a little jealous Ruthie is spending all her time with Colin.
Speaking of that, Ruthie has become all too chummy with Amaya's former fling. Colin's best friends, Mike and Trevor (you remember, two other Rejects who hosted the casting special with him) come to visit from California, and Ruthie feels the need to join the three everywhere they go. Which provides for some quality entertainment when they rent mopeds and Ruthie "takes them on a tour" of the University of Hawaii. The cops yell at them for riding mopeds where pedestrians are walking, and they almost get arrested. What a way to spend your vacation in Hawaii...

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