Episode 818 (10/12)-Ruthie's back, and she brings her new girlfriend Malo along with her. She met Malo in rehab, and during that time the two became pretty close. When they go back to the house, though, Malo sort of ditches Ruthie and goes for another one of the Roomies--Teck. Seems they already know each other; Malo is one of the many girls Teck picked up at a club. Teck thinks Malo is just using Ruthie to get to him. He tells Malo things between them won't work, and Ruthie, who gets jealous with Malo's flirtations with Teck, tells Malo the same thing. Well, at least Malo has two new friends she can hang out with!
Teck is not the only one affected by Ruthie's moving back in. Amaya is nervous about the homecoming, and she gets upset and refuses to eat. This brings up talk about her past battle with bulimia, and Matt is led to believe she still has the disease. He even goes on FM radio to talk about eating disorders in hopes of getting Amaya to face reality, or his perception of it. Obviously, this does not make Amaya a very happy camper.

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