Episode 816 (9/28)-And then there were five. Yes, that's right, the day we were all anxiously waiting for has finally arrived. Justin has left the house! After returning from India, Justin starts to feel more and more isloated around his housemeates, even Kaia, who finally realizes what a jerk he is and decides to blow him off. Justin also learns that several (or so he says) of his relatives are dying all at once, and he feels he needs to go home to Boston to be with them. So that's just what he does. He packs up and leaves the house forever almost immediately. I think he was just upset that his little plan to break Colin and Amaya up didn't work. Well, they're no longer technically a couple, but they do go to another Hawaiian island together for a few days as close friends. And Colin's happy with that--he wants to start a relationship with Amaya the way he should have in the beginning--very slow and very platonic.

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