Episode 815 (9/14)-The gang travels through India on a seven-day train tour, and boy--is it a trip to remember. Amaya (who should take Ginger Spice's place as Good Will ambassador) decides to help the kids of India out by giving them her favorite treat, Blowpops. Justin, who we now know hates the Little Ray of Sunshine, wants to start trouble between her and Colin, who happen to like each other now and are all lovey-dovey. In Justin's words, "The bitch is going down." So, Justin talks to Colin and apparently brainwashes him into thinking that he should be getting sick of Amaya at this point, so that's just what Colin does. He totally blows off Amaya, who gets upset and over-dramatizes everything. She starts to feel ill (who wouldn't after not eating the whole trip?), and when Colin tells her he doesn't want her to throw up and ruin his stuff (how romantic), she flings his hat across the room, joining in this whole melee.
At the Taj Mahal (which Amaya so desperatley wanted to see) Justin sees she is all alone and decides to comfort her and be her friend. He even has to gall to say that he doesn't know why Colin is mad at her. I smell trouble brewing in paradise...

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