Episode 814 (9/7)-Ruthie's gone, and the gang is struggling to deal. They begin to slack off at their jobs at the Local Motion, and Calvin feels they need to do something great to compensate. They plan a Talent Show/Fashion Show, with Teck basically doing most of the organizing. Before the Talent Show, the gang and a few others model clothes available at the shop. Then, the Talent Show goes off without a hitch, and a young female Michale Jackson impersonator wins.
Also, Matt goes out to eat with Ruthie and her sister Sara. Matt asks Ruthie if she's ever going to come back to the house, and she alludes that she's probably not. She later agrees to go to the counseling facility, but not without feeling hurt. Sara tells Matt that Ruthie feels like he betrayed her because he was the one who gave her the ultimatum. Speaking of Sara, Matt admits to her and everyone else that he likes her a lot. Well, surprise, surprise. Didn't Matt say in the beginning of the first episode that Ruthie "embodies everything physical" he wants in a woman? And since Sara is her twin, doesn't she look EXACTLY LIKE Ruthie? Hmmmmm....
Finally, the Roomies (minus Ruthie, of course) head off to India, where Amaya predicts trouble will arise.

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