Episode 813 (8/31)-Ruthie calls a meeting to tell her housemates that she almost tried to kill herself and that she is unhappy with the way her life is going because of her drinking problem. She refuses to say anymore, and with that she leaves. Colin and the rest of the roomates feel she needs help fast, so he calls around looking for substance abuse programs that Ruthie's sister can check her into. He finds out Ruthie can only enter a program if she wants to. Everyone decides that this is the time to give Ruthie an ultimatum. Matt, who breaks down because of the situation, agrees to do the talking. At a house meeting, he tells Ruthie she either has to check herself into a 30-day program or leave. She feels these terms are unfair, and later says she'll quit drinking on her own and only go to the program for a few days. Well, the rest of the Roomies don't want to put up with her endangering them and herslf anymore, so she packs up and leaves.

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