Episode 812 (8/24)-Ruthie's sisters Rachel and Sara come to visit, and they, along with the rest of Ruthie's housemates, are concerned about Ruthie's reckless behavior. After coming home drunk from a club one night, Ruthie purposely smashes and breaks a glass right infront of Teck, who immediately confronts her. She can't take being made to realize she has a problem, so she goes to her sisters' hotel room, where she tells them she wonders what it would be like if she killed herself. A real bright one, huh?
Later, some of her friends from New Jersey visit, and the rest of the gang takes the oppurtunity to have a meeting without Ruthie. Everyone except Matt feels she needs to be given an ultimatum--control her actions, or get out. They decide to tell her this the next night. Matt feels they are totally wrong in their decision, so the next day he tells Ruthie what everyone else said the previous night. This causes a lot of hostility towards Matt, who only wantsto help Ruthie out as much as he can. The other roomates think he was totally wrong in his approach. They think Ruthie needs to be confronted. Ruthie's sister Rachel shares their thoughts, and tries to tell Matt she is going to say something to Ruthie. Matt warns her against doing so, but she protests, saying she knows her sister better than most people, and that she has to live with Ruthie and her problems for the rest of her life. Good point. She says this right before Ruthie calls a meeting to talk about her problems, which we will hear about next week.

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