Episode 810 (8/10)-Colin and Amaya grow farther apart as he and Matt grow closer. A coincidence? I think not. Well, anyways, Colin feels he needs space from Amaya, so he decides they should be "just friends" for awhile. He blows her off repeatedly, choosing to hang out with Matt instead. She gets upset as usual, but this time she has an anxiety attack. She blames it on two things: Colin, and her father possibly having colon cancer. The incident with her father makes Colin show his sensitive side for a moment, but just when we think he's giving in to her, her confesses to the cameras he really needs to get out of this relationship.
Oh, yeah, Matt gets his own radio show, blah, blah, blah. Back to the Colin and Amaya story. Colin feels Amaya needs some female friends, but who would want to be close pals with Ruthie and Kaia? Oh, and did you notice how when Kaia was "comforting" Amaya she leans in real close and smiles so the cameramen can get a good shot of her? Let's never waste an opportunity for camera time!

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