Episode 809 (8/3)-In this surprising episode, Ruthie gets drunk and does something stupid. This time, though, the producers step in. Ruthie goes out with a few friends, gets hammered, and then decides to get behind the wheel and take her pals for a spin. Matt and the producers try to tell her it's a bad idea, but she goes off anyway. The producers then go on a wild goose chase to find her and get her to stop driving immediately. She eventually makes it home, but boy, does she get in trouble. The producers tell her she needs to get counseling or get out. She reluctantly goes to counseling, but doesn't open up to the therapist, or even to her roomates for that matter. She says she doesn't want to talk about anything, she's not a baby. The only one who leaves her alone is Justin, who figures he can't stop her no matter what he does, so his approach is to let her just have fun and get as drunk as possible. That probably explains why he says to her, "Hey, let's go get bombed" in the beginning of the episode. They're still together by the end of the episode when they go for a nice relaxing trip to see waterfalls.

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