Episode 808 (7/27)-Justin becomes deeply offended by a comedian who performs at the Local Motion. The comedian makes a few gay jokes that everyone else finds inoffensive, and Justin goes off the wall. The next day, he gets even madder when he accompanies Matt to a radio station to promote their work. Everyone at the station talks about heterosexual issues, which Justin finds "disgusting". Matt tries to talk to him about it, and Justin tells Matt that it's basically wrong to be and talk about heterosexuals and their beliefs. He also finds it wrong that Amaya and Colin are having sex in the bunk above him so he tells Amaya it's not her room and she has to get out. She immediately starts to cry (how unusual!), but finds another bed.
Also, Amaya interns at a talent agency, which prods Kaia into going to the agency and trying to be famous. She, Amaya, and Colin go to an audition for Japan TV, but they apparently have no luck.
Speaking of Kaia, she feels she is too fat, so she and Justin decide to fast for a week by drinking only a really gross mixture that makes them throw up, which they instantly regret.

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