Episode 805 (7/6)-It's almost Valentine's Day, and Colin, Amaya, and Kaia are searching for love. Colin and Amaya find it in the form of each other. They seem so in love, until Colin discloses he doesn't want to get hurt and flirts with other women. This makes Amaya mad, so she goes off and flirts with a guy named Trey. This in turn makes Colin jealous, so he gets Amaya a Valentine's gift, making her fall back in love with him again.
Kaia meets a guy named Jafari who really likes her. He likes her so much that he takes her to see Janet Jackson (he gets front row seats) and sends her a huge bouquet of flowers. She appreciates this gesture, but doesn't want to get too close to anyone because she is still hurting from her father's AIDS-related death four years ago.

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