Episode 803(6/22)-In this episode, Teck's sexuality is questioned. Everyone in the house thinks he's gay, and he tries to prove to them he's not by flirting with every girl who gets in his way. He does this by partying late and not showing up the next morning. That may not seem like too big of a problem, but it was that particular day, because the Roomies had to be at their new job at the Local Motion Surf Shop by 8am and Teck was nowhere to be found. The Roomies waited for him to show up at the house, but he never did, so they ran to the shop, only to arrive (late) and find Teck sitting there and chatting it up with Calvin, the manager. Calvin lets the late Roomies slide, and tells them about their new job--promoting and hiring acts for the coffee shop. If they do well on their first booking and they get 100 people to show up they each get $100. They also get to use a company car, which Teck takes advantage of and often uses when other people (namely Justin, whom Teck gets into a samll argument with) need it. But besides that, Ruthie books the act for the cafe and everything goes well. The Roomies go home friends and one hundred dollars richer.

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