EPISODES 801-802

Episodes 801/802 (6/15)-We first meet roomies Teck and native-Hawaiian Ruthie when Teck picks Ruthie up at her college dorm. Upon first meeting, they discover they share a common love for partying. It is easy to tell this because as soon as they arrive at the house and find out it is locked, they go skinny-dipping in the pool.
Next we meet Matt and Amaya. While in the taxi to the house, Amaya talks about her desire to be famous and they both worry that everyone has picked rooms already. Boy, are they shocked when they arrive to see a very naked Teck and Ruthie! Both Amaya and Matt firmly agree there will be no nudity for either of them during their stay in Hawaii.
A few moments later Kaia arrives. She thinks it's great that two of her rommates have enough self-confidence to skinny-dip on the first day. Be prepared to see her join in on the action a lot through the course of the season.
Next, Justin arrives. He is promptly greeted by Teck asking him if he is gay. He answers affirmatively.
The last roomate to arrive is Colin. Yes Colin, the former reject. Amaya is the first to greet him, and she is shocked. So is everyone else in the house--they can't understand how he got on the show, since he was a reject and all. This makes Colin feel a little out of place. But no too out of place, because he has the key to the luxurious house. When he opens the door, Kaia promptly chooses a room, with the rest of the gang soon following suit. She rooms with Teck; Amaya, Ruthie, and Matt share a room; and Colin and Justin are forced to share the room with the bunk beds. Colin asks Justin if he can sleep naked. Justin saya okay, as long as Colin takes the top bunk. So, everything is settled and the first day goes fine.
The second day, well, that's another story. That night, Ruthie gets extremely drunk. Then they all go to a club, where Ruthie gets even more drunk. So drunk she passes out in the club. Matt and Amaya take her home while Colin, Kaia, and Teck keep having fun. Back at the house, Justin and Matt take Ruthie to the shower and try to calm her down. When they take her out of the shower, she starts to have seizures. Amaya calls the ambulance and watches in horror as the paramedics pump Ruthie's stomach. At that point, Amaya fells so much hatred for the roomates still at the club, and she tells them so when they get back home. All is forgiven, though, and Ruthie comes back home okay, still thinking she doesn't have a drinking problem. She thinks the reason she passed out was that somebody spiked her drink.

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