~It's happened before on the Real World and Road Rules, but never on a Challenge. Until now. One of the cast members, Ayanna of RR Semester at Sea, has left the show. Apparently, she and one of her teammates, Christian of RR Season 2, got into an argument and she made a very offensive comment. This comment not only offended Christian, but her whole team as well. She was given the chance to apologize, but she refused, so she was asked to leave the show. This is what I have heard so far, but if the story changes (see below), you can find out here.
~A source sent me in some info as to why Ayanna was kicked off: "The reason Ayanna got kicked off was because she HIT Chrisian b/c he made a racist comment. He didn't mean to make a racist comment, but often says stuff and it comes off sounding wrong (that's what he told me). Susie told me all of this so I know it's true."
~Ayanna has been replaced by Susie of Road Rules Australia.
~This year's Challenge kicked off in Maine and so far has stopped in Boston, Connecticut, and New Jersey, among other places.
~Some of the missions have been tightrope walking, cheerleading, inline skating, and human foosball.
~Some info courtesy of ABKFriends: "Hey you'll never believe this but I met the cast of the 2001 Real World/Road Rules Challenge. They were taping one of the missions at Great Adventure by where I live and I got my picture taken with all of them and they all autographed by shirt. The mission was typerope walking and was 100 ft high and 70 ft across. No one made it across though, but I can tell you that the Road Rules team is winning so far. Julie fell and tore part of her knee. James fell and the wire went right between his legs, he was in a lot of pain."
~It seems that Jamie is a bit of a player--apparently, he choooses a new girl on the show to flirt with each night.

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