Heather B.--Heather appeared on the first season of Real World, New York. She is currently living in New Jersey where she is pursuing a career in music.

Kat--Kat was on The Real World London, the fourth season of the show. She is currently living in Seattle.

Mike--Mike was on the fifth season of The Real World in Miami. He currently lives in California, where he is a private investigator.

David--David appeared on The Real World Seattle, the seventh season of the show. He recently graduated from the Virginia Military Instisutte, and he hopes to soon study in France.

Amaya--Amaya, of the eighth season of the show, The Real World Hawaii. recently graduated from UCLA. She is living in Southern California and pursuing a career in talent management.

Teck--Teck, also of The Real World Hawaii, moved back to Atlanta to shoot a movie called Life's Suite. He also has a CD in the works, and hopes to move to Los Angeles. He was last seen on MTV's Total Request Live.


Carlos--Carlos was on the first season of Road Rules. He was last seen living in Atlanta.

Dan--Dan, of the fifth season of Road Rules, Northern Trail, was last seen in Minnesota appearing on a few TV commercials.

Piggy--Piggy was on Road Rules Australia, the show's sixth season. She hosted the Road Rules Semester at Sea Preview Special and hopes to someday have a career in the entertainment business.

Holly--Holly appeared on the seventh season of Road Rules, Latin America. The last I heard, she was back at the University of Colorado.

Yes--Yes was on Road Rules' eighth season, Semester at Sea. He soon plans to travel to Vietnam, where he will stay for a few months.

Veronica--Veronica was also on Road Rules SAS. Over the summer, she was seen living in Cedar Rapids, IA, but now I hear she is back in California.

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