Episode 9: Fantasy Fest

It's Fantasy Fest time in Key West, Florida, and of course the gang is right in the middle of the action. Their next mission is to get into boy-girl pairs and hand-make bathing suits for a competition. Each pair has to have a theme, and all six pairs will be judged on a scale of 1-10, with a maximum score of sixty, seeing that there are six judges for the event. The scores for the pairs are added to the scores of their teammates and whichever team has the higher score wins.
The Real Worlders desperately want to win, so Amaya actually willingly participates in a mission! I know, call Ripley's Believe It Or Not! She takes almost full responsibility for making the bathing suits and hardly ever complains.
Team Road Rules, however, is not having that easy of a time with their costumes. Yes and Veronica decide right away what they want to do, and Holly and Dan get an idea later on, but Los refuses to communicate with his partner, Piggy, on what they are going to do, so she just goes out and buys feathers and other crafts to glue onto their suits. This makes her even more frustrated at Los, who has been giving her and the rest of the team a cold shoulder for almost all of the trip. He especially aggrevates Piggy with his coldness, as she later lets him know.
Well, the contest comes and Real World finally wins a mission. Amaya and Mike as, well I don't exactly know what they were supposed to be, Candy Land maybe?; Heather and Teck as some sort of African prince and princess; and David and Kat as a Greek god and goddess, all get relatively good scores. Yes and Veronica, dressed up in plastic wrap and all glittered out; and Dan as a golfer and Holly as his green (complete with tees and golf balls on her breasts--who didn't see that one coming?) do very well. But Los and Piggy, covered from head to toe in feathers, get very low scores and hurt their team's total. The whole team is upset about their loss, but Piggy seems to take it the hardest. It's her birthday, so she celebrates by nearly attacking Los because she doesn't like his attitude and is angry at him for barely participating in the mission. Holly is sick of the fighting, so she breaks down and cries (I'm not even going to go there), and Los gets upset and furiously leaves the bus "for his own safety," fearful Piggy, who is fifty pounds lighter than him, will kill him in his sleep or something like that. Now, I do believe that boy needs to cut down on watching scary movies.

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