Episode 8: Revenge

Team Real World is just sick and tired of losing, so they decide to get even. Kat thinks it would be a good idea to trick Team Road Rules into doing a fake mission on their night off, and the rest of her team agrees. So they make the mission in the style of a scavenger hunt that the whole team has to complete together with lots of crazy things to do like to get two people to do jumping jacks naked and to paint an old man's toe nails. Since they are in Miami, Mike (who, as we all know, was on the Miami season of RW) has contacts at Ocean Drive Magazine who print out the clues and deliver them very officially. At first, RR doesn't want to do this mission because it is late at night and they are all tired. But then Holly suddenly rallies the troops to complete the mission and they go on their merry way. At first, they complete the tasks at lightning speed and are confident of winning. Then they go into Sephora (a really cool makeup store), where one task is to give someone a makeover. Veronica is in her element, and immediately takes charge. Los jokingly suggests that she put red streaks and all kinds of crazy stuff on the face of the girl she's making over. Well, Veronica blows up at Los and he runs off. Dan and Holly go after him, but he refuses to return until Veronica comes and gives him an apology. Deciding that Los has to always have his way, Veronica apologizes, although that's not good enough for Los. So the girls tell him to stop bitching and get back to the mission, because Veronica took the time to apologize and everything, etc., etc. So Los rejoins the team and they complete the mission.
The next morning, they go into the giggling Real Worlders' bus, and are given their "Sweet Reward"--a bunch of candy. At first, none of the Roadies know what's going on, so they just happily accept the candy. Then Mike & Crew tell them they've been duped and Veronica explodes--again. She says their stupid trick tore her team apart, blah, blah, blah. The Real Worlders, although happy that their trick was a success, now wait in nervous anticipation to recieve their just dues.

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