Episode 7: Swamp Buggies

Okay, what did I miss? Supposedly, Holly and Dan are now soul mates and totally in love with each other. It doesn't matter that Dan has a serious girlfriend, Holly thinks that she and Dan are meant to be together forever. She also says that he is her best friend on the trip and she enjoys spending all her time with him. I'm really glad that we saw this relationship build up in the past six episodes. Ha! I just love the things a person can do with an editing machine.
Yeah I know you're just as surprised as me. Now on to the rest of this week's happenings.
This week's mission is a series of Swamp Buggy races. The team that has the most points at the end of the mission wins 10,000 E*Trade Dollars. The Real World desperately wants to win this mission to rebound from their losing streak. David tries to rally the troops, but eventually gives up because Amaya is sick again (I know, I know) and Heather doesn't know how to drive a stick shift, which is what the Buggies run on. It doesn't look too good for Team Real World, and the mission hasn't even started yet!
In the first part of the mission, every team member (even those not familiar with stick shifts) has to race. One member from each team starts out with an inflatable alligator in his or her car and has to race around the course and hand the alligator off to the next team member, like in a relay race. The first team to finish wins 25 points. Road Rules wins by a large margin. They also win another 15 points in the next race--Fishing For Little Plastic Animals. Two members from each team (one driver, one fisher) go out in the course and try to catch as many little animals as they can. There is no turning back and no stopping. Holly and Yes's Buggy gets stuck, but they still win because Kat and David not only go back through the course but stop as well. These kids really know how to follow directions.
The last part of the mission is the Blindfolded Race, where one member from each team is blindfolded and another team member has to verbally guide them through the course. Real World has to win all three heats to win this mission. They lose the first heat, and David, the Team Spokesman tells the official that the mission is over, so he need not bother to make any other pairs race. So Road Rules wins again, and David is on a rampage. He yells at all his team mates, Heather yells at him for telling the official the game was over (just because they lost, she still thinks they should finish the mission), and then David blames himself for his team losing. Oh, and then he goes and steals the Road Rules Skull because he thinks it gives them luck and he doesn't want to lose the next mission. What a real classy guy, I tell you. But I do have to agree with him on one matter--at some point during the show, he says something about him sounding stupid because of his Boston accent. I agree. I have a Boston accent, too, and I think it sounds terrible, especially when I tell someone I'm meeting for the first time my name--AAAAAAashley. My friends make fun of me for it all the time, I make fun of myself for it too, and I'm glad David actually said something that makes sense. But I wouldn't hold my breath for any more insightful cah-ments like that if I were you.

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