Episode 6: Mud Football

The crew's next mission takes them to Tampa, Florida, where they meet Tampa Bay Buccaneers Warren Sapp and Derrick Brooks. Sapp is the coach for Team Real World and Brooks is the coach for Team Road Rules in this football mission. Basically, whichever team scores the most points at the end of the game is the winner, just like in regular football, except the team that wins this time will recieve 10,000 E*Trade Dollars.
Both teams are ready to play (and win), especially Team Real World, who hope to rebound after three consecutive losses. There are also some personal battles waiting to be fought on the field, most notably between Amaya and Veronica. The tension is so strong between these two that Amaya slams Veronica to the ground at one point in the game and gets penalized for unnecessary roughness.
From that point on, things do not go well for Team Real World. Amaya has to sit out the rest of the game because she bruised her arm (Oh, poor baby!) and it seems her tackle is about the only notable thing that happens to her team all game, as the Road Rulers win 18-2. Of course, Real World is not happy, especially Dan and Mike, who have played football before and are very surprised their team lost again. So they, along with the rest of their team, shun the Road Rulers like usual. In a friendly gesture, Derrick Brooks invites them all out to dinner, meaning the Sore Losers *must* talk to their enemies. Piggy, who, by the way, is having man troubles (When she tries to call her boyfriend he blows her off and makes her cry, then she makes friends with one of the football players who she can't pursue any further because of this so-called boyfriend, which makes her feel she deserves much better, which...it goes on and on and on.), goes over to the Real Worlders' table (inebriated, I'm sure) and offers to make peace. Surprisingly, her mission is a success, and everyone is friends until next week.

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