Episode 5: Red Neck Games

It's good old-fashioned Red Neck fun when the gang heads to Georgia to compete in this annual event. This intellectually stimulating mission pitted both teams against their toughest competetors yet--pies, mud, and pigs' feet. Yum, yum.
The first event was the Greasy-Pig-Chasing-Race. Two members from each team had to get into a pig pen and capture a greasy pig. The team whose member did this first got a point. At the end of this event, Team Real World was up four points to two.
Next up was the Pie-Eating Contest. Each member of both teams had five minutes to completely eat a pie. A point was awarded for each pie eaten. Team Road Rules won, five pies to three, but Team Real World wasn't having any of this. They complained that the other team cheated by throwing their pies on the floor, etc., etc. Now I admit that I did see a few remnants of pie on the floor beside the Road Rulers' table, but David had about half of his pie on his overalls, and he still got counted as finishing. Moving on...
The next event, Bobbing for Pigs' Feet, could have been a way for Team Real World to redeem themselves and catch up. But Amaya said she couldn't participate in this event because she is Jewish and it's against her religion to eat anything made with pigs. A few comments on this: Now, I'm not Jewish, so I don't know how much of a sin it is to bob (not eat, now) for pigs' feet. And didn't Amaya say earlier that she had sausage for breakfast? As far as I know, most sausage (and almost definitely the kind from McDonald's, where she ate) is made from pork, even though Amaya claimed otherwise. Lastly, Amaya finally agreed to participate in the mission, but threw up afterwards, feeling she committed a huge sin. Just judging from things she had said previously, how religious is she really? Like David said, he doesn's see her going to the Synagogue every Saturday. And didn't she say in one episode that she got blessed by Jesus? Well, according to what she said in a Real World Episode, she doesn't believe in Jesus, and she's Agnostic. Now I know religion is a confusing thing, but please don't contradict yourself every other sentence, Amaya. You'll make a lot more friends that way. Whew, back to the summary.
So Amaya bobbed for pigs' feet, but her team still lost this event. The final event, Mud Diving, was their last hope. Each person had to do a belly flop in the mud and was scored 1-5 by two judges, each score possibly totaling up to ten. Can you guess who won this event? Let's just say the losing team was very upset. Again.
Team Road Rules won another 10,000 E*Trade Dollars and Team Real World complained once more. Heather B. and everyone else singled out Amaya and claimed she made too big a deal out of the whole Pigs' Feet Ordeal. Good call, Heather B.!

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