Episode 4: Snake Wrangling

Last week, Los and the rest of his team had a little tiff and he left the bus without telling anyone where he was going. He didn't show up that night, and the rest of the team feigned concern. But he eventually showed up the next morning, explaining that he just needed some time to chill, and he even apologized to Veronica for being so mean to her. So everything was happy and good on the Road Rules bus, but there was one teeny problem--they were LOSING the competition! Team Real World was up two events, and Team Road Rules just could not lose anymore. So when it came time for their next mission, snake wrangling under the instruction of some Snake Guy and Kefla from Road Rules Australia (who even supplied their bus with the traditional Road Rules Skull in hopes to boost morale), they gave their all. And they won, wrangling more snakes than the opposing team. So Road Rules got 10,000 E*Trade Dollars, and the Real World got angry. Very angry. They complained that the Road Rules team got to wrangle neon green snakes, which were easy to spot, while they were stuck trying to find the ones that blended in with the grass. Heather B. even cited the boys on her team as the ones at fault, because they were up late the night before partying at a strip club. What a tragedy.
But there was still hope for Team Real World. The next mission was a sort of Scavenger Hunt. Each team was given the same six tasks to perform, and whichever team performed and photographed three out of the six tasks in the shortest amount of time got an additional $6,000. One task was to kiss a cow on the lips. Holly, David, and Kat all tried, but none of the three were successful. Holly's team accepted this and moved on to the next task. But everyone on Kat's team decided to give her a hard time and make her upset. What I wonder is why they all pounced on her but not David. The world may never know....
Both teams still had three tasks to perform, and both teams did the same ones: Teck and Mike and Holly and Piggy went skinny dipping in people's private pools; the boys from each team dressed in drag and signed autographs for curious onlookers; and both groups played an hour-long game of Truth-or-Dare, which resulted in a newly decked-out Yes and Dan kissing. Amaya and Kat kissed too, and Veronica stuck her hand down the toilet, but is anything more exciting than two guys dressed as girls making out? I didn't think so.
In the end, Road Rules finished an hour earlier than the Real World, meaning Road Rules won two missions in a row. Not only did they get an additional $6,000, but they also got a nice pat on the back and a 'Congratulations' from good-sport Amaya. Ha! All I have to say is good luck to Team Road Rules--once Amaya hates you, Heather B. will start to hate you, and it all goes down hill from there.

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