Episode 3: Wheel of Wrestling

The gang receives a clue telling them to go to the Excalibur Gym in Nashville. There they learn their next mission invloves wrestling and they meet their coaches. Later on, when it's time for the Big Event, they learn they have to spin a Wheel of Wrestling (hence the title of this episode) to learn who they will wrestle. Piggy and Heather go first and wrestle each other (Heather obviously wins); Mike and Dan wrestle models (they both win); Amaya and Veronica wrestle midgets (neither wins, but Veronica does do a nice job swearing and yelling at Amaya to start fighting and stop running around the ring like, as she puts it, "a fairy"); Los and Teck wrestle each other (Los wins); and Kat and Holly wrestle each other (Kat wins). By this time, the Real World Team is leading by two points, and it is up to Yes (who is wrestling David) to tie it up. The match between these two ends in a draw, and Team Real World winds up winning another 10,000 E*Trade Dollars.
Back on the bus, Team Road Rules sulks about their second loss in a row, but Veronica tries to cheer them all up by going to get pizza. After going through a long process trying to find a place that delivers, she brings the pizza in and is ambushed by Los who is supposedly very hungry. The girls get mad at his rudeness, and he walks out without telling anyone where he is going. So much for team unity.

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