Episode 2: Demolition Derby

Whew--what an eventful episode! Three missions in thirty minutes--I think we may have a record-breaker here, folks.
The gang's first mission brings them to NikeTown in Las Vegas where they receive a bunch of new clothes and meet boxing champ Roy Jones, Jr. He informs them that one person from either one of the two teams has to get into the ring and box with him in order to receive their next clue. David, still in awe that this NikeTown is way bigger than the one in Boston, volunteers to step into the ring and risk getting his face broken by the World Boxing Champ. But, as we soom find out, this mission involves absolutely no blood and guts at all. David and Roy step into the ring only to be greeted by a pair of Rock-'Em-Sock-'Em Toys (or whatever you call those things), and are told that the toys are doing the boxing, not them. What a letdown. Roy wins this little match, but the kids get their next clue anyway. They are told they have to travel to Tennessee (which is greeted by an intelligent "Where's Tennessee?" from Veronica) and they go on their way.
When they get to Tennessee, they find out they have to compete in a Demolition Derby. There are to be two members in each car--one passenger, who's job is to shoot the drivers on the opposing team with paint, and one driver. The team with the last car left wins 10,000 E*Trade Dollars. (Speaking of which, both teams have to invest the $10,000 they each won from the first mission, and they both seem to be having a pretty hard time doing this. Pumpkins, anyone?) Each pair gets a car and helmets to decorate. Veronica wants her car to have pretty flowers all over it, but her partner Yes doesn't give in, thank goodness. But he does go around tagging all the other cars with his name, which I'm sure makes Heather B. real thrilled.
Everyone is geared up for the mission, especially Team Road Rules, who celebrate the team unity by taking naps while Team Real World dances around and parties. But finally the time comes to crash and burn (the cars, of course). Before the actual derby, though, Teck starts a paint fight to liven things up a bit. After things get livened up, the derby begins and things go pretty quickly. Team Road Rules doesn't have very much luck, and Yes and Veronica and Piggy and Los are quickly out when their cars stop running due to the number of hits they take. And it seems that Dan and Holly are goners, too--they get pushed up against a wall and thrown on a pile of tires, but they still have control of their car and try to win one for the team. They're outnumbered very quickly, since Kat and Amaya and David and Mike (Teck and Heather B. were one of the first pairs to get out) ambush their car and secure a victory for Team Real World. But that's not all--while trying to cream Holly and Dan, Kat and Amaya's car overheats and Amaya gets trapped inside. She can't breathe, and an ambulance has to be called in. Surprisingly, Amaya recovers quickly and everything's okay. Her team gets the 10,000 E*Trade Dollars, and both teams receive another mini-mission.
This mission seems easy for most of the two teams' members, but it's a real drag (excuse the pun) for Piggy and David. You see, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids will give each team $6,000 at the end of the Challenge if every member refrains from smoking throughout the remainder of the trip. If even one team member smokes, the rest of the team automatically loses. Of course, Piggy and David protest, seeing as they are both heavy smokers. Piggy even goes into a monologue on how everyone is out to get her due to the nature of the mission. Her teammates try to convince her to remain smoke-free for a few weeks, but she sneaks off to have a puff one night and is ratted out by Heather and Teck. So Road Rules is out $6,000 and Team Real World is once again victorious.

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