Episode 11: The Final Mission

It's an episode of surprises this week--Veronica hates Amaya, Holly loves Dan, Dan loves everyone, Holly cries, Piggy gets nervous, and Amaya rides an ambulance into the sunset. Television just gets more interesting and unpredictable each day, doesn't it?
It's the last night the gang is together, so they go out for the mandatory "Last Supper" and play the always stimulating "Question Game." During the course of this game, we find out how much Amaya and Veronica hate each other (like it wasn't already evident) and that Dan loves his girlfriend a lot and refuses to admit he really likes Holly, too (like that wasn't obvious, either). Exciting, I know.
The next day, the gang receives the clue to their final mission: they have to skydive out of an airplane by themselves and hit a bullseye on the ground for points. The team with the most points after everyone has jumped wins new Nissan Exterras. So, to put things in a nutshell, they have to risk their lives (jumping without an instructor and guiding the parachute alone is extremely dangerous) to get BRAND NEW CARS! Now I know why my friend only watches PBS.
Well, it seems everyone is up to jump, but on one condition: Holly and Dan have to be on the same plane because neither has skydived before. I'm going to leave this one alone because I have a project to do after I write this summary and I need all the time I can get.
So Yes, Los, Veronica, Heather, Mike, and David get into the plane and jump. The Real Worlders make it down fine, and so do Los and Veronica (she even hits the bullseye and earns 100 points for her team). But Yes is not so fortunate. He crash lands and scrapes the side of one of the buses, but escapes with only a few cuts. But don't think the drama ends there. Oh no, it's only just beginning. The last six people get into the plane and jump, and all goes fine until Amaya, the last person to go, is about to land. Just as she is approaching the target, the wind shifts and she comes crashing down. She can't move, so an ambulance is called. She spends a few hours in the hospital and leaves with a concussion and sprained ankle. Again, no comment--my project is calling me.
So the Road Rulers win the new cars and take home a $7,000 profit from their E*Trade Dollars, in addition to the $60,000 they'd already won. The Real World only takes home a $1,000 profit in addition to the $40,000 already won, but hey--that's still a lot of money. But of course, Teck doesn't need it, since he's already a "celebrity." (Anyone who saw Spring Break Karaoke knows what I mean.)
And with that, another Challenge is over, and twelve more RW/RR alumni feel a little bit more loved. How special.

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