Episode 10: Stir Crazy

Tensions are running high amongst Team Road Rules, and this week's mission doesn't seem like it will help calm the waters.
Los returns from his hotel exile and, after talking things over with Peacemaker Dan, agrees to join the group and act civil, even if he always doesn't get along with everyone, namely Piggy. So both groups receive thier next mission--they have to spend 48 hours locked in a padded cell with their teammates. Whichever team is stays in the longest wins the 10,000 E*Trade Dollars. Sounds simple, right? Well, there is a catch: Each team is given a ball, which they have to keep moving at all times or face disqualification.
The Road Rulers at first fear Los will chicken out and leave the room, but their fears are soon eased, as Los actually tries to get along with everyone and eventually befriends Piggy. They also devise a way to keep the ball constantly moving by putting it in a bag, hanging it from the ceiling, and letting a fan blow the bag back and forth. See how useful team work can be, kids?
Awwwwwww..... Everything is happy and fun in the Road Rulers' cell, but trouble is abrew for Team Real World. At one point during the night, almost near the end of the 48 hours, Kat gets up to go to the bathroom and gives David the ball. He agrees to keep it moving, but falls asleep, resulting in the ball not moving for 20 seconds. The trusty MTV Camera Crew reviews the tape, and finds out about this scandal, losing the mission for the Real Worlders and making Kat (And Heather. And David. And Amaya (that's a given). Oh, and Teck and Mike, too.) very upset. But there's still the Final Mission, the last chance for the kids to prove that they're good enough, they're smart enough, and doggonit, people like them. Can't wait.

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