Episode 1: Stratos-FEAR

Another year, another chance to see our favorite (and not-so-favorite) ex-Real Worlders and Road Rulers compete in a series of stimulating missions across the country. This season started off with the two groups being taken to their mission site by helicopter while blindfolded, meeting one another, meeting Ms. Big (in this case Gladys, Miss Pacifism herself) and then being told they had to jump off the Las Vegas Stratosphere, one of the country's tallest buildings. The team with the most jumpers would receive 10,000 E*Trade Dollars, which they had to immediately invest on the E*Trade website. Besides trying to win money, each individual had the chance to set the World Bungee-Jumping Record.
To make a long story short, everybody jumped, but only Kat, the last to jump, set the World Record, jumping over 700 feet. She almost didn't get the chance to do so, though, because she, Veronica, and Teck had to jump a day after everyone else due to bad weather. So everything went well, both teams won 10,000 E*Trade Dollars, and Amaya made her "One-Cry-an-Episode" quota because she was scared to jump. That's what carried the whole episode, folks. Expect much more in the next ten weeks.

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